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October 4th, 2020

What is platform tennis?

This is an outdoor game played with a short-handled paddle and sponge rubber ball. The court is 1/3 the size of a regular tennis court on an elevated platform that is surrounded by a 12 foot fence. It is scored like tennis, but balls can be played off the screens like racquetball. It is primarily a doubles game; teamwork between partners is an important feature. The regular season runs from October through April, although our members often play through the summer as well.

The equipment consists of a short-handled paddle and a sponge rubber ball. In extremely cold weather, players wear several “layers” that are usually peeled off as the play and the players warm up.

Platform tennis is easy to learn and does not require great athletic talent. Players of all ages can compete together without physical strength determining the winner. Unlike tennis, powerful serves and overhead slams tend to be losing shots. Patience and accurate placement are the key elements of a winning platform tennis game.

Our game is appealing because it can be played for fun and exercise,  both socially and competitively. It is played on a court about one third the size of a conventional tennis court, enclosed by 12 foot high “chicken wire” screens. An abrasive surface provides good traction even in winter weather. The courts have heating to allow melting of snow and ice. Most rules follow regular tennis, however some major differences make platform tennis a very different game. Players serving are limited to one serve only. The most intriguing difference is use of the screens or “wires” to keep the ball in play. Players have the option of letting the ball rebound from the screens before hitting. Compared with conventional tennis, platform tennis points tend to last longer with more time spent playing and less spent marching about between points.


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